Brand ID
Year: 2015
Client: Gee Linford Grayson

Dharavi is a social enterprise creating a line of travel accessories inspired by the Mumbai slum of the same name. It is the largest slum in Asia, home to approximately 1 million people living in 200 acres of space. It is also a centre for industry, with an estimated $650 million passing through its factories and workshops annually.

In Dharavi "nothing is wasted" and the Indian mentality of "Jugaad" (finding solutions in a resourceful manner) is perfectly exemplified as industry is focused on reusing and repurposing that which has been thrown away.

Dharavi products are inspired by this process and therefore are made from repurposed materials such as old saris and recycled plastic. The identity was created taking inspiration from this process with the logomark combining the lotus flower with the infinity symbol and parts of this mark being reused throughout the graphic language.