CrowdTalks x WSA
Animation, poster and booklet
Year: 2015
Clients: CrowdTalks & Winchester School of Art

Promoting a discussion held by CrowdTalks at Winchester School of Art using both print and digital. The animation was displayed on a huge TV-screen on campus and the poster was placed all around to promote the event.

We also held a workshop in cooperation with CrowdTalks at WSA, exploring the risograph medium through documenting what we had found in a discussion held earlier the same day.

CrowdTalks explains the schedule for the day: "We’ll talk sabout how to approach agencies, studios and recruiters in the hunt for work after graduation. As well as this more traditional landscape, we’ll explore how current students have the potential to change the design industry as we know it. Creatives are increasingly going it alone, opting out of the 9–5 and into the Kickstarter generation of tech- savvy freelancers and startups. But how do we navigate this new world of work on our own terms?"